[manjaro-general] Expired SSL certificate (update)

Manjaro Linux jonathon at manjaro.org
Sat Apr 25 13:31:49 CEST 2015

We have good news. Roland is back from Saudi Arabia. His new company [desertbit][1] will fly soon. This will also bring a new **CMS** for manjaro.org.

We will soon replace our current broken webserver, holding our forums, wiki, mailing list and merge to a new one. We plan to provide a packaging service for packages and iso-images soon.

Regarding the expired SSL certificate: Roland got a reminder on **Mon, 23 Mar 2015 18:14:37 +0900 (JST)** from **GlobalSign**. He also replied in time for extension. Sadly we got no response from GlobalSign back then.

Luckily today, I got mail with a new certificate code from [GlobalSign][2]. They will sponsor us a [Wildcard SSL][3] from now on. Also, we want to thank all our community members, who [donated][4] so far. These donations will finance us for another half year.

Expect the current page run again by tomorrow.

Kind regards,

Philip Müller, Manjaro Development Team

   [1]: http://desertbit.com/
   [2]: https://www.globalsign.com/en/
   [3]: https://www.globalsign.com/en/ssl/wildcard-ssl/
   [4]: https://manjaro.github.io/donate

URL: https://manjaro.github.io/expired_SSL_certificate_update/

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