[manjaro-dev] a quick status update

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Tue Dec 27 08:43:46 CET 2016

Hi Kendell,

if the basic profile boots fine without Orca starting we can do it step
by step and try first to get Orca starting. If that is done we can check
what else is needed.

I also read that 'Thus' is somehow broken. It installs fine but after
that the login-manager and some other stuff doesn't work.

I simply need a list of all bugs in a prioritized order what needs to be
fixed first. We can go down that list step by step with each bug as a
break-point. Only with structure and feedback we can fix this.

@Stefano: do we already have such a list of errors Sonar produces?

greez, Phil

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