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kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 17:06:14 CET 2016


Yup, that's true. Thus, or something else, seems broken. I didn't assume 
it was thus, I thought  that since I was using the basic profile, the 
login dm, cups, bluetooth, etc weren't set to start up in profile.conf, 
so I just installed what I needed and enabled them to start. But if it 
is thus, I won't be much help. I will however be more than willing to 
test fixes. I'll build a mate basic image once you guys tell me a fix is 
ready for testing. We can then migrate this fix over to the full 
version. Is that how we do things now? Not a complaint, just a question 
so I know how to do things.


Kendell Clark

On 12/27/2016 1:43 AM, Philip Müller wrote:
> Hi Kendell,
> if the basic profile boots fine without Orca starting we can do it step
> by step and try first to get Orca starting. If that is done we can check
> what else is needed.
> I also read that 'Thus' is somehow broken. It installs fine but after
> that the login-manager and some other stuff doesn't work.
> I simply need a list of all bugs in a prioritized order what needs to be
> fixed first. We can go down that list step by step with each bug as a
> break-point. Only with structure and feedback we can fix this.
> @Stefano: do we already have such a list of errors Sonar produces?
> greez, Phil
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