[manjaro-dev] a quick status update

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 05:03:42 CET 2016

hi all

Our sonar users are begging me for an alpha image, so I've built a mate 
full image for our tester volunteers to test. Everything built just 
fine, although there are a couple of minor issues and some commits I 
need reviewed when there's time, if I can figure out how to make a pull 
request. First, the full, not basic, image of sonar does boot, but the 
login sound doesn't play and it doesn't come up speaking. This is the 
mate image. Also, the same issue that kept the basic image from having a 
panel has struck the full image. It's worth noting that if you press 
alt+f2 and type orca, it will start up and speak, it just isn't starting 
when the system starts. Also, on both images, full and basic, the 
alt+windows+s shortcut will turn orca off, but not back on. I'm not at 
all sure what that's about. Yes I know you guys want us to fix the basic 
image before moving on to the full iamge, but the full edition of mate 
is the only mate version available to sonar users and testers alike, so 
I built one. I did add back in a lot of our custom software and 
committed it to my own local copy without pushing until the request can 
get reviewed, since I'm determined to keep breakage to a minimum, and 
also because that's the way you guys seem to want things done. I've also 
added three new packages to manjaro's  packages community repo but 
haven't pushed yet. These are, python-espeak, espeak bindings in python, 
python-daemonize, scripts in python to run a python program as a daemon, 
and fenrir, a console, text only, screen reader written in python. I've 
made sure all these packages build and install, and I've committed to my 
local copy but haven't pushed yet until I can get a request reviewed. 
Would someone mind helping me with these? I've already sent an email to 
the sonar list so they know about the bugs I just reported hear and 
they're willing to wait, so no worries about being on a time crunch.


Kendell Clark

Sent from Son GNU Linux

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