[manjaro-dev] where have the files gone?

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 17:38:46 CEST 2016

hi all
The good news is that lightdm now works on the full image as well. The
bad news is that the users guide files that ryan eversole worked so hard
on were deleted by udevd for no reason I can comprehend. Why are all
these files being erased? There's a reason I had the structure set up
like I had, which was to make sure that the custom desktop icons and
users guides show up on the desktop of live images. Now I get just a
bare mate install with none of my packages installed, even the full
image. I can easily fix this, and I have copies of the users guides so
it's not as if I've lost anything, but why are all my files being
removed. If where I had them isn't where they belong, then where do they
belong so I can put them back? I'm sorry if I sound exasperated, it's
just that I'm trying to get sonar back after udevd very very helpfully 
fixed lightdm. I'm really greatful you did that don't get me wrong. I'm
just trying to put the software packages I had installed back, which is
as easy as copying a backed up packages-desktop over the version in the
repositories, but the users guides and desktop icons are going to be
harder. This is a good opportunity to update our sonar-common package I
guess to have the html users guide files and install the correct one
into whichever desktop image I'm building. Could that be why the files
were removed? I'm just trying to understand and don't mean to complain.
Kendell Clark

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