[manjaro-dev] boot issues after systemd and grub updates

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 00:14:19 CEST 2016

Systemd strikes again, lol. In any case, do there need to be changes on
manjaro's end or is this something systemd needs to fix? I haven't seen
the issue since I managed to fix it, at least not on my computer or
mellisa's laptop, but my mac still won't boot despite my best efforts to
fix it. I may have to reinstall that one. Which is going to be difficult
with the current state of thus and calamares. I'm not complaining, at
least not intentionally. Would a simlink of .so.0 to .so.1 work? Unless
the library itself has changed enough where grub will have trouble with
it this might be our best option. I know gparted right now isn't
working, claiming it can't find libdevmapper.so, and a reinstall didn't
Kendell Clark

Philip Müller wrote:
> Basically, udev was brought into the whole systemd revolution, and
> became part of a larger, more complex system. Various changes
> incremented the interface, and required a jump from .so.0 to .so.1.
> Rather than supporting both the old interface and the new interface by
> providing both .so.0 and .so.1, the developers opted to say "fuck it,
> we'll make them all upgrade their dependencies!" and they dropped .so.0
> from the binary package.
> It's possible to build an older version of libudev that still provides
> .so.0 if it's necessary.
> It's also possible that this change is recent enough that most package
> maintainers haven't caught the glitch to explicitly state "this package
> requires libudev before version xyz" and most developers haven't
> switched their binaries to require the latest version of libudev.
> And a third possibility is that some key developers actually symlinked
> .so.0 to .so.1.
> Basically the same mess of possibilities that happens when any key
> component makes a major interface change.
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