[manjaro-dev] boot issues after systemd and grub updates

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Wed Jun 29 00:10:02 CEST 2016

Basically, udev was brought into the whole systemd revolution, and
became part of a larger, more complex system. Various changes
incremented the interface, and required a jump from .so.0 to .so.1.

Rather than supporting both the old interface and the new interface by
providing both .so.0 and .so.1, the developers opted to say "fuck it,
we'll make them all upgrade their dependencies!" and they dropped .so.0
from the binary package.

It's possible to build an older version of libudev that still provides
.so.0 if it's necessary.

It's also possible that this change is recent enough that most package
maintainers haven't caught the glitch to explicitly state "this package
requires libudev before version xyz" and most developers haven't
switched their binaries to require the latest version of libudev.

And a third possibility is that some key developers actually symlinked
.so.0 to .so.1.

Basically the same mess of possibilities that happens when any key
component makes a major interface change.

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