[manjaro-dev] Maia 0.6.0

philm at manjaro.org philm at manjaro.org
Mon Apr 25 10:10:39 CEST 2016

Hi David,

we are always glad to get new designs for Manjaro. Are you sure you want 
to do the rebrand with the Maia theme name?
We can also use a new name and keep the old for people who still like 
it. Otherwise we might loose an already great theme for good. What do 
you think?

However I like the new look of the new theme.


Am 2016-04-25 01:32, schrieb David Linares:
> earlier this week I will begin to upload files github repository
> I hope to have everything finished by the end of this month or early 
> May
> thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to evolve the design
> of Manjaro
> ________________________________________
> De: Ramon Buldo <rbuldo at gmail.com>
> Enviado: domingo, 24 de abril de 2016 04:53 p.m.
> Para: David Linares
> Cc: Philip Müller
> Asunto: Re: Maia 0.6.0
> The wallpaper looks very nice.
> I'm okay with this all changes, push them when you can :)
> Cheers,
> Ramon
> 2016-04-25 0:35 GMT+02:00 David Linares <mcder3 at outlook.com>:
>> these are the changes that I suggest:
>> translucent white theme for plasma 5.x
>> change the wallpaper
>> change icons of folders breeze to a green (thanks to the idea of 
>> Oberon)
>> the splash and sddm retain their current colors without big changes.
>> in the case of plasma theme, I would like to move on to light color, 
>> since
>> the trend of the design is black colors, that many distributions are 
>> using.

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