[manjaro-dev] pamac-4-alpha

Guillaume Benoit guillaume at manjaro.org
Sat Apr 9 10:22:45 CEST 2016

Hi all,
I'm working for some time on a new design for pamac.
Even if there is still some work to do, I want some feedback so I 
propose a alpha version.
It has a new design:
-double click on a package name to view details.
-in dependencies view, click on a dependency to view its details
-you can continue browsing packages while a transaction is running

To try:
-extract the archive
-$ cd pamac-4-alpha
-$ make
-$ sudo make install

Beware that it will overwrite your pamac config, (e.g.) you will have to 
enable AUR again.
Tell what do you think about it,
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