[manjaro-dev] new sonar desktop settings update needed

artoo artoo at manjaro.org
Tue Jan 19 19:14:32 CET 2016

Hi all,

good news, we figured out gsettings schema overrides. I think this will 
work without the need to deploy stupid binary dconf blob. Bernhard is 
currently testing with cinnamon.

This should also be highly interesting for sonar profiles, they could 
make extensive use of it.

Phil, the desktop items mechanism is provided by the little live skel 
Its basically a script in /usr/bin and a desktop launcher in autostart 
that calls the script.
Should work with sonar too, my idea was to probably feed the little 
script a list of items.
If item exists, it will be symlinked to the localized xdg Desktop 
Atm the items are statically defined in the script.


Am 19.01.2016 um 17:44 schrieb Philip Müller:
> Hi kendell,
> sudo calamares should be fine, since we use sudo thus for the other
> installer. On live-mode sudo doesn't need any password.
> @Marcus: can you check what might be still needed to add the automatic
> created desktop files for the installers, if present to be added also to
> the Gnome desktop. As I remember it we create it in
> /etc/skel/Desktop/{calamares,cli,thus}.desktop by manjaro-tools.
> Am 18.01.2016 um 23:59 schrieb kendell clark:
>> hi all
>> I'm just about to release new sonar images. The copy of sonar-gnome and
>> sonar-mate-settings in the repositories still has the thus desktop icon.
>> I'm wanting to switch over to calamares so I can test and make sure it's
>> accessible. I've already switched the desktop file in desktop-settings
>> to use calamares. Which brings up another ... I'm not sure if it's an
>> issue or not. The calamares.desktop's exec line reads, sudo
>> /usr/bin/calamares. When pressing enter on this desktop icon, calamares
>> never launches. I'm presuming that's because sudo is prompting for a
>> password but there's nowhere to enter it. Is there a way to launch it
>> through policy kit? I've tried both pkexec and gksudo, but something
>> with the accessibility stack prevents orca from reading the window that
>> pops up. but if it's launched via sudo, orca reads it. I'm just not sure
>> how to launch it via the icon without the user having to enter in the
>> password.
>> Thoughts?
>> Kendell clark
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