[manjaro-dev] sonar mate profile

Majid Hussain mhussaincov93 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 15:32:00 CET 2015

arr, Philip sir, you are a champion and a star!
our thanks for checking this issue for us.
is there some sort of tool that could be developed that can check for
issues like this?
sintax, spelling, mine is not the best at times?
thank you again,
Majid Hussain :)

On 29/11/2015, Philip Müller <philm at manjaro.org> wrote:
> Ok, I found some time and also found some issues. We have updated
> 'manjaro-tools' in our development branch to fix some issues. So I
> tested your profile with the current 'manjaro-tools-git' package.
> Here is what I found and fixed:
> [profile.conf] fix typos - these prevented some config loading
> [mate] add missing theme packages - by default it looked ugly
> [mate] remove double audio applet - you don't need two applets for the
> same job
> [misc] fix installer icons - stuff changed, so I fixed them
> [mate] update dconf for gnome-terminal change - since you changed the
> default terminal I had to fix some small additional tasks to get the
> desktop working again.
> I'm building now another ISO for personal testing. Feel free to do the
> same.
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