[manjaro-dev] introduction

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 10:24:51 CET 2015

hi all
I have just subscribed to this list, so I thought I should introduce
myself. I've been a user of manjaro linux full time since about august
of 2014. I am a co developer of the sonar linux distribution, which
thanks to phil mooler is now part of the manjaro organization itself. I
am visually impaired, and thus depend on assistive technology to do my
computing. I've never seen a more helpful friendly community when
discussing bugs and feature enhancements. Sonar linux is basically a
version of the manjaro gnome and mate profiles with assistive tools
enabled,and comes up with full speech and braille support out of the
box. I'm not usually a heavy poster unless there's an accessibility bug,
then I'm likely to post something. Current bugs I'm working include
accessibility problems in calamares, the distribution independent
graphical installer, the gnome desktop environment, the mate desktop
environment, and the cinnamon desktop environment, although I cannot
code. I also customarily warn every mailing list I subscribe to up
front. I am *not* a fan of microsoft windows and can, at times, go into
a rant. I've been working on this but I still occasionally lose my
temper. Saying taht you use windows won't do it. What will is comparing
windows to linux and concluding that windows is better. I, for obvious
reasons, disagree heartily with that.
Thanks for reading
Kendell clark

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