[manjaro-dev] [0.8.8] we finally made it ...

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Sun Nov 24 17:11:57 CET 2013

Thx for the quick fix. I released it as pamac-aur to all our branches. 
Seems we have to test it first until we can merge it with our stable 
pamac version. Roland is very happy about your effort to make pamac as 
it is now. He fixed our homepage and gitlab is updated to the latest. I 
enabled bug-trackers for each project we have there. I'll ship Manjaro 
0.8.8 now with pamac 0.9.0 and with pamac-aur 0.9.3 optional


On 11/24/2013 05:11 PM, Guillaume Benoit wrote:
> Sorry for this show stopper bug, it was a stupid one appearing in 
> installation without any installed packages from AUR...
> It's fixed in pamac 0.9.3.
> I understand your decision, this kind of bug must not appears in our 
> stable branch.
> Le 24/11/2013 16:35, Philip Müller a écrit :
>> Since pamac 0.9.2 won't work as expected, we decided to downgrade to
>> pamac 0.9.0 and release pamac with AUR support as pamac-aur. As soon as
>> all issues are fixed we will merge both packages again. So currently I'm
>> rebuilding the XFCE install medias and reupload them to our testbuild
>> project as 0.8.8-rc4 media. You will notice  checksum change and newer
>> date of the images. Since I use rsync, only needed changes got added to
>> the image and I don't have to upload all 3 GB again. Everybody who
>> already downloaded the image simply downgrade pamac.
>> kind regards
>> Phil

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