[manjaro-dev] [pamac] AUR support

Guillaume Benoit guillaume at manjaro.org
Thu Nov 21 17:35:48 CET 2013

I just tagged pamac 0.9.2 in git, it's just a bug fix.
Phil, can you upload it in our repos ?

Le 17/11/2013 15:32, Philip Müller a écrit :
> Thx. I uploaded it to our repositories:
> http://lists.manjaro.org/pipermail/manjaro-packages/Week-of-Mon-20131111/000085.html
> http://lists.manjaro.org/pipermail/manjaro-packages/Week-of-Mon-20131111/000086.html
> On 11/17/2013 03:29 PM, Guillaume Benoit wrote:
>> What a coincidence ! I just made 0.9.1 tag in our git repos and
>> updated PKGBUILD. It includes a fix for the reported problem, for now
>> pamac just says that the build  process failed and change cancel
>> button to close button. Add a reminder that we don't support AUR is a
>> good idea.
>> Pamac 0.9.1 is officially released so I attached the tarball.
>> Keep reporting,
>> Guillaume.
>> Le 17/11/2013 15:16, Philip Müller a écrit :
>>> 0.9.1rc2 seems to be really well received by our community.
>>> Aceman mentioned that a failed build won't close the dialog:
>>> http://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=8201.msg74735#msg74735
>>> We might think about how pamac should react on this matter. I recommend
>>> to mention this failure to the user so he can react properly with yaourt
>>> or what ever tools he uses to install AUR packages normally. We can't
>>> held responsible to fix issues we didn't created. Also AUR isn't
>>> official supported by us since we might delay a little with our binary
>>> packages in our stable branch.
>>> thoughts
>>> Phil

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