[manjaro-testing] problem with dbus-1.10.10-3

Peter Maloney peter.maloney at brockmann-consult.de
Mon Aug 29 19:20:39 CEST 2016

Hi. I'm using the testing branch. When I upgrade which installs
dbus-1.10.10-3, plasma5 is broken.

[2016-08-29 18:13] [ALPM] removed libdbus (1.10.8-1)
[2016-08-29 18:13] [ALPM] upgraded dbus (1.10.8-1 -> 1.10.10-3)

Upgrading while the desktop is running makes kate, etc. stop working.
And I think firefox crashed. Upgrading and restarting makes X show some
error about failing to launch dbus, which I think comes before sddm logs
me in.
Downgrading to dbus and libdbus 1.10.8 makes it work again.

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