[manjaro-packages] deluge

Bernhard Landauer oberon at manjaro.org
Thu Apr 19 19:51:33 CEST 2018

I have opened a task at Archlinux

Until fixed we can have an overlay, sure. The package is definitely
broken without depends pygtk.

On 19/04/18 14:34, Márton Szabó wrote:
> Hi,
> The 'deluge' package needs 'pygtk' as a runtime dependency, not only as a make dependency.
> I have written an email to the Arch Linux package maintainer, but he didn't respond, nor corrected the package.
> As Manjaro is labeled as a user friendly distro, could the 'deluge' package compiled with this dependency added in the Manjaro repos?
> Best regards,
> Márton Szabó
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