[manjaro-packages] archlinux-appstream-data package

Stéphane stephane at scachemaille.ch
Fri Mar 10 09:32:09 CET 2017

As I've been mentioned I permit to add my inputs. ;)

I think the difference is more that the arch appstream database don't
have all the added manjaro sofware
like as octopi, pamac, thunderbird-kde, firefox-kde and all other
packages that is not in arch.

I don't think manjaro remove a lot of packages coming from arch beside
technical packages like as
kernels, graphic drivers, and all related stuff making manjaro different
from arch. and I don't think those
packages are in the apprstream database,.

regarding to maintain a manajaro-appstream-data package. it would be
great. but it have maybe some cons:
I don't know exactly how works upstream but as I understand it:
 - it takes some info from the repository database (not all packages)
-  it takes other info from an other database or xml files, or I don't
know how (category, icons,  more detailed descriptions?, others?)
-  Does the description support localization? if yes it's more work.

to have a manjaro-appstream-data packages mean that this package should
not have the same name as the arch one. then all the packages
that depend on it (gnome software, discover) need to be modified and
maintained by manjaro too, or that the new package should define
"archlinux-appstream-data" as provide.
is it the right way? or maybe asking archlinux to rename their package
with a more generic name or something like this?:

that was my inputs.

best regards.


On 10.03.2017 08:49, Frede H. wrote:

> Greetings .
> This post https://forum.manjaro.org/t/a-gui-app-shop-for-manjaro/19129
> made me have a look at the possibilities.
> It led me gnome-software and I found that installing that installed a
> archlinux-appstream-data package.
> However in the post @scachemaille mentioned a possible difference
> between arch packages and manjaro packages.
> Does such a difference exist?
> Not knowing if a difference exist I started researching and found that
> the tool appstream-builder is quite capable of making these package
> lists.
> When ran against a mirror repo it scans the packages and builds the
> appstream-data necessarry for gnome-software.
> I do run a mirror (uex.dk) so I have been testing on these data. I
> think it is possible to create and maintain a similar package for
> manjaro.
> If such a package is feasible and there is a difference between
> generally available apps for arch vs manjaro I voluteer to maintain it.
> Regards .
> Frede H. 
> @fhdk
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