[manjaro-packages] archlinux-appstream-data package

Frede H. mjro at uex.dk
Fri Mar 10 08:49:45 CET 2017

Greetings .

This post https://forum.manjaro.org/t/a-gui-app-shop-for-manjaro/19129
made me have a look at the possibilities.

It led me gnome-software and I found that installing that installed a
archlinux-appstream-data package.

However in the post @scachemaille mentioned a possible difference
between arch packages and manjaro packages.

Does such a difference exist?

Not knowing if a difference exist I started researching and found that
the tool appstream-builder is quite capable of making these package

When ran against a mirror repo it scans the packages and builds the
appstream-data necessarry for gnome-software.

I do run a mirror (uex.dk) so I have been testing on these data. I
think it is possible to create and maintain a similar package for

If such a package is feasible and there is a difference between
generally available apps for arch vs manjaro I voluteer to maintain it.

Regards .

Frede H. 

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