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Garen Delly garen.delly at bk.ru
Fri Nov 8 15:31:45 CET 2019

Hello, dear developers of Manjaro Linux.
I would like to point out that programs in the Manjaro Linux operating system are sometimes not very graphically colored. Some of them are very "flat" and inorganic.
It can also be noted that the programs present in other operating systems of the Linux family are not available in Manjaro Linux, and this is frustrating and inconvenient, since the Internet mentions programs from already known operating systems from the Linux family, and analogues on Manjaro Linux can be found only by accident.
You can note the scattering of applications in the section "application launch menu - > applications".
Some applications are only very small additions to the main applications, but they still appear as separate applications. They can simply be built into the main application, they interfere with the search for the right programs, and it looks ugly. They also have an ugly icon and an untranslated description.
You can also build a search mode for applications by description. Some applications do not have Russian translation.
I noticed one drawback. When I in the application clamp "hot keys" on the keyboard coinciding with the system combination, then regardless of the application, this combination is performed in the system.
There is a proposal to introduce a separate interpretation of pressing key combinations: if I type a combination of "hot keys" in the application and one key in the complex has a value, then this value is also executed. It is necessary to type only the value of the combination.
It can be noted that after a successful update of the Manjaro Linux operating system, the previous versions of Manjaro do not change the application software. When I downloaded the newer version and re-installed Manjaro version 18.1.2 instead of updated to the same version of Manjaro 17.*.* , then I have Pacman replaced by Pamac. It would be possible to introduce a choice between types of application software.
I would like the programs to have a diligent, ergonomic look. Some of them have an unpainted design.
It was the colorful design that attracted me to install your operating system. Some fonts in apps crash, looking small and "pixelated".
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