[manjaro-general] Double-click installation as partial option

George Vendras george_vendras at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 4 15:44:53 CET 2019

Hi there. I am not a fan of Linux at all but I was recommended Manjaro by some programmers. Well, it is really nice, though it seems somewhat…. Well, Manjaro’s site is glorious and highly professional, its graphics work is indeed impressive, and the OS is not …. uuuhhh, let us say miserable as Linux 12 I once had tried and as soon as the Ubuntu OS lost WiFi device, I formatted disk!!!

The way Manjaro installation process graps all computer’s devices is very impressive. Manjaro indeed gives immediate impression that it dominates over computer’s hardware. It also seems that Manjaro is near Windows from a GUI perspective and I think this is the correct path. Why should I lose time typing 7 sudo commands in order to install a program? For me that I am not relevant to Linux, I was confused with command line if the command line was the correct window to type the command. Of course, I failed to install a lot of programs. In 2020, there is no logic in sudo. So I turned back to windows 10. Frankly speaking I have no complaints from Win10. But anyway, my question is this:

Without depreciating sudo, would it be as hard as that to have the additional option of double-clicking an icon and have the software installed? Show merci!!!!!

Sorry for interruption and wish you a nice day!


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