[manjaro-general] Organizing directories and files to multiple subtrees

Alan E. Davis lngndvs at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 22:16:36 CEST 2019

I am oten faces with the same dilemna: "which directory will I save this
PDF or file to, so I'll remember where it is?"   I am pursuing several
projects, each of them extremely broad in nature, such that I end up with a
multitude of directories.  Not a few files (many files) do not easily fit
into only one category.  My recall is less than infinite, so I have no
choice but to organize my files in a way to keep them in front of me.
Reminding me to do something.

I know about hard links and symbolic (soft) links, and even bind mounting.
Bind mounting does not work for me, because I may have the same home
directory available to different machines, perhaps as copies of the same
directory trees, or else dropbox.    Same for hardlinks, then.  Even

I tried a mac.  It was a mixed bag for me.  Ethically/morally, and in terms
of personal acceptability, it didn't work.  The walled garden was a major
reason for rejection of that approach.  But I think (it's been a while, so
my memory is fuzzy) there were ways to do this on that OS.

Beyond using one of the indexing programs, I would welcome any ideas about
how I can have one file available / seen in several directories, without
copying them outright.  ???

I'm using i3 Manjaro, after many years of distrohopping and jumping from
Window Manager/Desktop Manager to another.  If KDE has something that does
this, I'd probably reject it, but maybe not.

I actually did use bind mounts for a brief time, until they were broken
when I had to reinstall (even to the same home directory).

This is a problem I encounter frequently.  I know hardlinks to directories
would not help, or even softlinks in the long run, but I'd like to know
what's worked for others.  Surely I am not alone out here under the Sun.?

Alan Davis

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