[manjaro-general] Gtk3 Widget problem came Cinnamon and lihgtdm.

Ruben Safir ruben at mrbrklyn.com
Mon May 16 16:00:33 CEST 2016


Does it seem to anyone else that having an entire ecosystem broken
because of themes is a very frustrating problem and huge time waster.

I don't even know why gtk has themes.  Why is that not left to the gnome
level of coding?

On 05/16/2016 05:05 AM, Bernhard Landauer wrote:
> Masaki, please kindly read up a little on the latest gtk3 situation.
> Archbased distributions are at the foremost end of development and with
> this are already running the latest gtk3.20
> Most of the themes have not been adjusted to this new api to date, so
> only some themes are compatible at the moment.
> From our side of development we are offering vertex-maia-themes and
> adwaita-manjaro. Others are available meanwhile, too. For example the
> official numix-themes should be fine (not the deprecated numix-manjaro)
> kind regards
> Bernhard Landauer
> On 16/05/16 08:02, MASAKI Yuhsuke wrote:
>> Cinnamon is particular theme of "Control" from Cinnamon 3.
>> Most of theme of Control not work some widget (e.g. scroll bar,
>> padding of label, contour of botton...)
>> It includes Menda theme.
>> It effects all Gtk3 applications.
>> Similar problem came lightdm.
>> It includes Numex Manjaro.
>> Contour of text box or button is missing.
>> It includes Menda and Numen Manjaro themes.
>> Vertex theme works well.
>> http://imgur.com/a/SC3MU
>> Upper: Menda
>> Lower: Vertex Maia
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