[manjaro-general] Gtk3 Widget problem came Cinnamon and lihgtdm.

Bernhard Landauer oberon at manjaro.org
Mon May 16 11:05:45 CEST 2016

Masaki, please kindly read up a little on the latest gtk3 situation.
Archbased distributions are at the foremost end of development and with 
this are already running the latest gtk3.20

Most of the themes have not been adjusted to this new api to date, so 
only some themes are compatible at the moment.

 From our side of development we are offering vertex-maia-themes and 
adwaita-manjaro. Others are available meanwhile, too. For example the 
official numix-themes should be fine (not the deprecated numix-manjaro)

kind regards
Bernhard Landauer

On 16/05/16 08:02, MASAKI Yuhsuke wrote:
> Cinnamon is particular theme of "Control" from Cinnamon 3.
> Most of theme of Control not work some widget (e.g. scroll bar, padding of label, contour of botton...)
> It includes Menda theme.
> It effects all Gtk3 applications.
> Similar problem came lightdm.
> It includes Numex Manjaro.
> Contour of text box or button is missing.
> It includes Menda and Numen Manjaro themes.
> Vertex theme works well.
> http://imgur.com/a/SC3MU
> Upper: Menda
> Lower: Vertex Maia
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