[manjaro-general] cannot update, and other issues

Assaf Rutenberg assaf at eml.cc
Sat Dec 26 08:02:52 CET 2015

Have you checked available drive space.  Each problem seems related to running out of room. Try "df - Th" and make sure yoy have enough room to download and apply updates. 

On December 25, 2015 8:48:49 PM EST, "bill ." <billwx at live.com> wrote:
>Good evening Manjaro fans; and a Merry Christmas to all! I decided to
>spend time solving some issues but have become stuck and would
>appreciate your suggestions.
>First i am unable to apply the latest update package that came out a
>few days ago. For the first time i must "choose a provider for libcl."
>ocl-icd (the default) or opencl-catalyst. I have tried both
>unsuccessfully. I get many errors of "failed writing body" and at the
>end nothing was updated, though the size of my update file has
>decreased by alot over successive attempts?
>Secondly, at boot up i get errors "Failed to create new system
>journal..." "Assertion f failed at src/journal/journa,"
>"Not enough disk space for core dump of 175...", and "A start job is
>running for Flush Journal to Persistent Storage." After 1min 30sec it
>says Failed and boot proceeds as usual. As this recently started, i am
>of the opinion it is related to my attempts to install update cited
>Finally, yesterday i found a great deal on a used printer at a local
>thrift store. As you guys recommended Epson, it looked in great shape,
>and came with lots of extra ink, i snatched it up. When i dl the AUR
>drivers for Epson XP-300 it cannot create the required directory. I
>somewhat suspect this too is related to the above problems.
>Any help sorting this would be much appreciated!
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