[manjaro-general] [arch-dev-public] Dropping kdebase-workspace

Tomasz Przybył fademind at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 07:13:00 CET 2015

W dniu 09.12.2015 o 00:07, Antonio Rojas pisze:
> TL;DR: kdebase-workspace is dead and should be dropped from the repos
> The KDE4 Plasma desktop has been in maintenance mode for a few years and is 
> EOL since last August (the git repo has been locked, so not even security 
> fixes are allowed). We've been trying to support it alongside Plasma 5 for 
> as long as possible, but this requires some packaging efforts, lots of 
> duplicated KDE4 versions of libraries (also unmaintained) and is starting to 
> cause some issues (FS#46730). Plasma 5 has been around for over a year, 5.5 
> has just been released and should be stable enough to replace KDE4.
> Therefore, I would like to drop the following packages from our repos:
>  kdebase-workspace
>  kdeartwork
>  kde-wallpapers
>  kdebase-plasma
>  kdeplasma4-addons
>  bluedevil4
>  kscreen4
>  kdeplasma-applets-plasma-nm
>  kcm-touchpad
> There are a few other packages which currently depend on kdebase-workspace:
>  ktorrent - can be compiled without linking to kworkspace (will lose the  	
> 	shutdown plugin)
>  knemo - there is a working frameworks branch, we should switch to it
>  digikam - will lose the theme chooser (not a big loss)
>  openbox - simply calls startkde, so the dependency just needs to be changed 
> 	to plasma-workspace
>  qtcurve - the configuration UI has been ported to KF5 over a year ago, but 	
> 	there is no release yet - we should package a git snapshot, the 	
> 	current version is too old anyway
> I don't plan to automatically upgrade to Plasma 5; this would be difficult 
> technically due to the split packages and also the configuration is not 
> migrated, so it's better to let users upgrade manually. Note that this 
> affects the KDE4 desktop only: KDE4 applications (kde-runtime) are still 
> supported and will be for the foreseeable future.
> Any objections?

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