[manjaro-general] Manjaro Gnome released

Manjaro Linux jonathon at manjaro.org
Thu Aug 13 02:00:00 CEST 2015


The Manjaro community is proud to present this (somewhat overdue) update to the Gnome Edition installation media.

This release keeps to the style of the 0.8.11 release being that it is highly vanilla, but of course is up-to-date at the time of build and includes the latest Manjaro back-end infrastructure. Note this means a very vanilla Gnome configuration, it doesn’t mean ‘minimal’, the full set of Gnome software and other apps are provided out-of-the-box.

This release is produced based on the [20th of July stable branch update][2], a few highlights:

  * Gnome 3.16.2
  * Linux kernel 3.18.18 LTS
  * systemd 222
  * Xorg-server 1.17.2+fixes
  * Mesa 10.6.2
  * Firefox 39

Further updates for some of these components are already available in our respositories.

* * *

## Links

  * [Forum post][3]
  * [Download here][4]

   [1]: https://manjaro.github.io/images/manjaro-gnome-
   [2]: https://manjaro.github.io/Update-2015-07-20_(stable)/
   [3]: https://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=25025.0
   [4]: https://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarolinux/files/community/Gnome/2015.07/

URL: https://manjaro.github.io/Manjaro-Gnome-

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