[manjaro-general] update problem

bill . tvulture at outlook.com
Tue Jan 20 05:49:24 CET 2015

Greetings everyone!

I have been using Manjaro Gnome, 0.8.11, i think, for only a few days. I have used Ubuntu and Mint the last few months, and Apple for years before that. I am a rank novice at the command line. Overall i have been very impressed. When i first installed all was fine, it then downloaded about 300mb of updates without a hitch. Then the night of the 17th it said 2 more updates were available. When i got those, it said 65 more were available. I clicked on the software download and went off for some time. When i returned the install indicator hadn't moved at all. After several tries at shutting down the update program without success i finally just shutdown my computer. Now at boot up it checks numbers as if counting mangled files or hard drive sectors? After that it boots normally. Everything seems to work fine except the software updater. It now says i have 64 updates to do, but gives an error msg when i try to do so. Something like "Failed to initialize update," and something is already open?
Any ideas what has gone wrong, and what i can do to resume updating?
I hope to be getting a bigger hd soon and would like to put manjaro gnome on one partition, but first i need to know i can do updates without locking up the updater program.
Many thanks!
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