[manjaro-dev] Why does BCMA module work on Manjaro but not on Arch?

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Tue May 25 13:06:41 CEST 2021


Thank you for your support.

I have a Broadcoam PCI wifi hardware(BCM4331). This hardware has two drivers.
The first is BCMA which is totally open source and it is part of Linux kernel.
The second one is WL, it is proprietary and it is not on the Kernel.

The WL has major problems. It disconnects randomly and so on. So, let’s talk about BCMA.

The BCMA works properly on your distribution. On Manjaro, when I enter “lspci -v”, it says my hardware is loaded with BCMA driver. And the “module in use” is ‘bcma-pci-bridge’. On Manjaro, it connects properly to the WiFi and I can control it over NetworkManager.

On Arch linux, when I enter “lspci -v”, it says my hardware is loaded with the same BCMA driver. And the “module in use” is ‘bcma-pci-bridge’.But the problem is, I can not connect to the WiFi. It is not listed in ‘/sys/class/net’ (It is listed on Manjaro). The rfkill even can’t detect this device. And is not listed in ‘ip addr show’. The final words: it is loaded on lspci but I can not use it.

I want to know, what did you change in Manjaro. Maybe some Kernel patches or additional packages you might installed.

And now again, thabk you for your amazing support.
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