[manjaro-dev] scaling problems in Manjaro

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Mon Dec 21 11:07:21 CET 2020


I announced a scaling problem in different forums, e.g. de.manjaro.org, 
forum.kde.org, wayland ... but I never got a solution. Also I searched a 
lot in other Internet forums. Never found an answer. This is why I 
contact you as the developers.

I am using KDE Plasma Desktop 5.20, Manjaro Kernel 5.9 and a 4K Monitor 
plus a Notebook monitor. But the problem was also similar with the XFCE 
desktop I used temporarily before. Also I changed temporarily from X11 
to Wayland but the problem keeps always the same. Due to all of the 
combinations I tried out, I believe it is a Manjaro problem itself.

If I use the scaling function in the system settings in KDE, e.g. 150%, 
a lot of applications do scale. But some still do not, even downloaded 
from the official repository. They stay so tiny that is /very very/ 
difficult to read them. For example, but there are many more 
applications / programs like these:

- applications running on WINE
- Dia UML program
- Yed GraphicEditor
- et cetera

Thanks for your respond. If you can take care of this problem or tell 
me, if I can do something on my side, I would be happy.

Manjaro Linux is a very good OS, but there are still a few big lacks.

Best regards

Rulinux (User in de.manjaro.org)


Ruediger Grosse-Brauckmann
M. Eng.

Buchenstreet 8, 85250 Altomuenster, Germany
Mobil: 0049-(0)151 41258506
info at grosse-brauckmann.de <mailto:info at grosse-brauckmann.de>


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