[manjaro-dev] my introduction

Stefano Capitani stefano at manjaro.org
Fri Apr 19 23:18:09 CEST 2019

Hi Pavel,

i like your love for Manjaro :D. Unfortunally we use Calamares as our 
default installer wich is based on QT. At now Calamares don't support 
screen reader, is a know bug and need more work at upstream code. For 
reference you can take a look here 

For now i think the only way praticable is use manjaro-architect from 
live wich is a cli installer.

Stefano Capitani

Il 19/04/2019 17:12 Pavel Vlček ha scritto:
> Dear members and developers,
> my name is Pavel Vlček. I am from Czech republic. I am blind, so I use
> Linux with screen reader software. Why I signed here? I want to watch
> Manjaro development, and if I will have some money later, I want to
> buy some notebook with Manjaro, at this time, I don't have ideal
> computer for testing Manjaro, but when I will have some extra money, I
> will buy laptop for Manjaro testing only. At this time, I am running
> Manjaro on Hp Zbook 17 from second hand and I have Manjaro installed
> on 3rd disk, but this is my working computer, so Windows must be here,
> because Windows interface is much more accessible than Gnome. Mate is
> much better for accessibility. So. At this time, will it be possible
> to have installer accessible? When I run Orca and installer, Orca is
> silent. Can this be reviewed and fixed?
> Thanks,
> Pavel
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