[manjaro-dev] my introduction

Pavel Vlček info at a-fs.cz
Fri Apr 19 17:12:24 CEST 2019

Dear members and developers,

my name is Pavel Vlček. I am from Czech republic. I am blind, so I use 
Linux with screen reader software. Why I signed here? I want to watch 
Manjaro development, and if I will have some money later, I want to buy 
some notebook with Manjaro, at this time, I don't have ideal computer 
for testing Manjaro, but when I will have some extra money, I will buy 
laptop for Manjaro testing only. At this time, I am running Manjaro on 
Hp Zbook 17 from second hand and I have Manjaro installed on 3rd disk, 
but this is my working computer, so Windows must be here, because 
Windows interface is much more accessible than Gnome. Mate is much 
better for accessibility. So. At this time, will it be possible to have 
installer accessible? When I run Orca and installer, Orca is silent. Can 
this be reviewed and fixed?



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