[manjaro-dev] Introduce pamac cli

Guillaume Benoit guillaume at manjaro.org
Fri Jul 20 12:35:46 CEST 2018

seeing that some AUR helpers are no longer maintained, I started some 
weeks ago to write a pamac cli.
Even if it's not perfect, I think it's ready for testing so I pushed it 
to gitlab.
It's just named "pamac" and as you will see I didn't choose the pacman 
syntax, I chose a simpler one to remind.
Just run "pamac -h" to see all available actions and "pamac [action] -h" 
to see options.
I made it as I wanted, I made some choices but of course the design can 
also be discussed.
Philm, you can package it (no PKGBUILD modification needed) but keep it 
in unstable/testing for now.
So please spread this news, read all helps, test as many commands as you 
can and report everything you notice.
Manjaro rocks :)

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