[manjaro-dev] sonar profiles

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Sat Dec 17 18:34:24 CET 2016

I can't stress this one enough. Seems we are still running in circles
here. What Stefano and I try to tell you guys is:

- we should stick to one profile, which is basic for now
- we should check for all errors found and prioritise them
- we should talk about the errors on how we found them and how to reproduce
- we should discuss about the found errors and come up with a solution
- we should test the claimed fixes and test some more
- if all is set, we should discuss which applications should be added
- we should then test the final ISO and agree on a release date

If we don't work in a structure here we from Manjaro can't help. We
already invest some energy and time into the Sonar profiles. Only what I
hear now is:

- why got that removed
- hey, I added some and it got reverted
- what do we do wrong

The last half year we changed a lot in our tools, but didn't had time to
communicate all changes. Marcus already announced to write some
guidelines for the upcoming Manjaro-Tools v0.14 release series. So also
Sonar developers can stick on our rules and understand them. Since this
is a join venture we have to work together and don't block each other.

So please come all to your senses and get constructive here. So my
questions are:

- was the mate-basic profile built and tested from your end as Stefano
- were the errors described and communicated to Stefano so he can retest
and maybe reconstruct them
- did Stefano came up with a solution and asked you guys to test once more?

We simply need what is missing and what should be fixed next. Let us
change the code for now and be testers. You will get soon or later back
on the wagon and can maintain the profiles. For now there is a lack of
understanding how the current profiles are constructed. If we start
working together from now on, we may get a release out by X-Mas.

Fingers crossed that we make it ...

@Stefano: if you need help from my end, please communicate on the usual

Am 17.12.2016 um 18:03 schrieb Stefano Capitani:
> Hi all :
> Sonar team have to forgot the full de image now and focused only in the
> basic to solve the problem with orca and with shortcut. This image have
> to use only for sonar team to test if the mate or gnome works fine : all
> have to use the same profiles and the same branch and of course the same
> profiles.conf or manjaro-tools.conf . This image is only for development
> porpose and not for final user. When basic image works how aspect you
> can copy and add step by step the app for sonar user.
> Our mate edition 16.10.3 works fine after orca adding ( @Jonathan say in
> the past ) so is only a problem of settings .. maybe @Jonathan can
> explain what settings do for orca .. In the sonar gsettings a see more
> key with orca and a autostart .desktop file . All are necessary ?
> ---
> Greetings
> Stefano Capitani

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