[manjaro-dev] status of base file system error

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 13:53:33 CET 2016


Do you guys still want pull requests? Someone on the sonar support list 
told me about this program called hub, which is supposed to make 
generating them easier so I can't complain so much about the github 
website. I should probably clarify my little rant since I basically 
vanished after that. My internet was very flaky most of this weekend but 
it's back. I was complaining not because of having to generate a pull 
request though it is a bit cumbersome, but because the github website 
isn't the most accessible. It does mostly work, but is rather slow with 
both orca on linux and NVDA on windows, and some of the fields aren't 
labeled, so I have no idea what to type into them. And github is very, 
very closed source, so it's not as if I can drop a developer a line and 
have them fix it. Even if this were possible accessibility bugs have a 
bad habbit of never getting fixed because no one knows how. This is true 
regardless of OS and program, it's not just linux that this happens to. 
Phil, stephano, how do I handle commits from now on? Do I change stuff 
in my local copy, and if it works, generate a pull request? What about 
little quic fixes, like updating a conf file or adding packages to our 
packages-desktop file? Do I check with you guys about every commit I 
make or ... I'm just trying to understand how you guys want things to be 
handled so I don't go against the grain and you guys have to revert my 
commits or dealing with lots of reverts.


Kendell Clark

On 12/16/2016 3:32 AM, Mark Peveto wrote:
> Ok.  I'm on it.  It'l take me a couploe hours to get both mate 
> profiles tested, so I'll get back to all of you then.
> Mark Peveto
> Registered Linux user 600552
> On 12/16/2016 03:30 AM, Stefano Capitani wrote:
>> Yes, basic profiles and yes step by step : when a mate profiles is 
>> done go at gnome ;)
>> ---
>> Greetings
>> Stefano Capitani
>> Il 2016-12-16 10:22 Mark Peveto ha scritto:
>>> I'll check it for you Stefano.  YOu said mate basic image, correct?
>>> I'm gonna start a mate full image building, but I"ve got two computers
>>> with manjaro-tools on them, so I'll start a mate basic image going,
>>> too.  I have a problem with the gnome image building, but we'll get to
>>> that after we solve this.  I don't want to bight off too much.
>>> ?
>>> Mark Peveto
>>> Registered Linux user 600552
>>> On 12/16/2016 03:19 AM, Stefano Capitani wrote:
>>>> This not related of 'thus' error but i have added and corrected 
>>>> some keys in desktop settings for mate-basic .
>>>> Test if terminal shortcut work and if the popup advice is in the 
>>>> right side ( in the bottom ) . Also i note that: orca is present 
>>>> and activated in certain gsettings keys but also in autostart 
>>>> program : is what you want ?
>>>> ---
>>>> Greetings
>>>> Stefano Capitani
>>>> Il 2016-12-16 10:02 Philip Müller ha scritto:
>>>>> I found some time to dig into the issue. Seems during the backport of
>>>>> the patch I missed some stuff. Should work now. Please report if
>>>>> otherwise ...
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