[manjaro-dev] the synaptics touchpad driver

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 09:23:33 CEST 2016

Could this maybe be added to mhwd somehow, so that if a user has a
synaptics touchpad, either USB or built in to their laptop, mhwd would
remove libinput and install synaptics, or if removing libinput would
break other things, install the synaptics driver, configuring libinput
not to work for that mouse? If this is possible, I don't really
understand how this stuff works. Phil or someone removed the libinput
xorg driver when I added it, so I'm guessing it isn't needed?

Kendell Clark

Bernhard Landauer wrote:
> Like I've reported a while ago I know the same problem from Deepin,
> which also still needs synaptics. For those images I always had to
> edit the shared packages locally, removing libinput and adding
> synaptics...
> Am 04. Oktober 2016 08:32:42 MESZ, schrieb kendell clark
> <coffeekingms at gmail.com>:
>     hi
>     I think this is primarily mate. The user who reported said that without
>     the synaptics driver, he couldn't change settings specific to the
>     synaptics touchpad in mate's mouse settings.
>     Thanks
>     Kendell Clark
>     Ste74 wrote:
>         Hi, both gnome and mate are affette of this? I Ask because
>         gnome drop x86-synaptic since gnome 3.20 Stefano
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