[manjaro-dev] minor issues building sonar media

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 09:40:47 CEST 2016

hi all
I reported a couple of days ago about dependency issues building sonar
images. Those have been resolved at the help of another sonar user,
thanks for that. I have one last issue to report though. The images do
complete building and boot, but the mate image, which uses lightdm,
thank you to whoever managed to fix lightdm so that it works now,
doesn't auto log in as the sonar user as it's set to do in profile.conf.
In fact, the sonar user doesn't seem to be there at all, neither is the
manjaro user. So I'm unable to log into the image to check it to see if
there are any  bugs that need resolving before sonar can be released.
This is with the latest version of manjaro-tools package group, version 
0.13.81. This is with the mate-sonar profile, rather than mate basic,
although I will try that one as well to make sure it works. Is there any
objection to renaming that to mate full? The only reason I ask is
because the iso image name looks like sonar mate-sonar
16.10-x86_64-stable.iso, and I think it might look a little better
replaced by mate-full or mate-basic so the user knows which one he's
Kendell Clark

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