[manjaro-dev] trouble building mate-sonar images due to package conflicts

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 04:38:32 CEST 2016

hi all
I've been trying to build test images of sonar since most of our custom
software was brought back, but I keep running into an issue. I'm not
sure which package is causing it, but mate-desktop and mate-desktop-gtk3
are conflicting, causing the build to fail. I want to use the gtk2
version of mate until I can make sure the gtk3 version is accessible,
then I'll switch over to gtk3. I can also not install the gtk3 version
of mate because mate-session-manager and mate-session-manager-gtk3 are
conflicting. I've looked into this but I'm still not sure what's causing
the problem. Would someone smarter than me mind taking a look? Please
don't worry about hurrying, we're not on a time schedule or anything, I
just want to make sure sonar mate and gnome are accessible and there are
no showstopping accessibility bugs I need to fix since most of our
software was taken out so that the base could be checked for
accessibility bugs. Sonar is supposed to come out some time next month
but we're still at least a couple of weeks away from that. I'd
eventually like to get sonar to a state where it can come out at the
same time manjaro releases do since all we are is talking manjaro, but
it's not quite there yet. As soon as the bug causing apps run as root to
be inaccessible is fixed, it should be. We've tracked that down to
mate's settings daemon, and the mate guys are working on it.

Kendell Clark

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