[manjaro-dev] help needed with our sonar common package

coffeeking coffeekingms at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 11:40:10 CEST 2016

hi all

Since sonar 16.07 is out, I thought about redesigning our sonar-common 
package to include common settings files that are updated often, like 
samba's config file, the desktop icons to connect to our wiki and the 
html users guide. I've asked this before so I won't repeat myself. The 
users guide has desktop specific info, so we'd need sonar-gnome-common 
and sonar-mate-common packages. The reason I'm asking for this is 
because I'm continuously improving our default samba config file to try 
to make sonar integrate as seemlessly into a windows and linux network 
as I can, and the only way to get new config files to people right now 
is to add them to a release. Would someone mind packaging up the samba 
config file from the root overlay in our iso profile, as well as the 
desktop icon to connect to the wiki, also in the root overlay, as well 
as the gnome and mate users guides? These would be added to our 
sonar-common packages, replacing the no longer maintained open document 
docs we used to use, before being split into sonar gnome and sonar mate 
common packages. This way if I fix an error in our samba config, I can 
just push out an updated package and our users would get the fix instead 
of having to wait for a new sonar release. If this sounds like a good 
idea, would someone mind helping me with it?


Kendell Clark

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