[manjaro-dev] new brltty released, version 5.4

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 05:41:56 CEST 2016

hi all
I'm writing in to let everyone know that a new brltty version has been
released. Normally I wouldn't bother and just let the arch package
update, but I'd like to ask someone to recompile brltty with
speech-dispatcher support when you update brltty to 5.4. This will make
it easier for sonar to have speech on the text console, since apparently
brltty's espeak driver is having a lot of problems. I'm not exactly sure
how this is done but I'll be happy to find out and reply back with
instructions. I don't expect you guys to do everything for me I want to
help. According to brltty, it's supposed to automatically enable
speech-dispatcher if it's installed when it's built but I'm not srue if
this works. I'll ask on the brltty mailing list. If this is the case all
you need to do is add speech-dispatcher as a brltty dependency or have
it installed when you build it. If not there's probably a configure
option you can pass during build time. I'll find out and reply back. I
want to make clear that I'm requesting someone help me, I don't want to
sound like I'm demanding or expecting it. I know I can sound like that
sometimes without meaning to.
Kendell Clark

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