[manjaro-dev] more on the thus issues

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 19:38:20 CEST 2016

hi all
I've reported hear a couple of weeks ago that my sonar users are having
lots of issues with the thus installer. This isn't another report, but
rather some more info. It seems that if you don't have your system
connected to the network during installation the installer doesn't
freeze just at or after the keyboard layout screen. That reminds me. The
timezone selection code that used to automatically figure out your
timezone appears to be broken. It defaults to europe/berlin now. Just
thought I'd bring this up. I know phil says he doesn't have time so I
don't want to ask him to look into this. Are there any other developers
hear with the skill to modify thus's python code? I'm really sorry to be
so persistent, but the state of the installer is just dreadful. i'm
getting a lot of complaints from new sonar users about how windows and
mac are so much better and ... you get the point. Not that this is you
guys problem at all, I'm just saying they're really hitting me hard with
the complaints. Occasionally I'll get offers of help, but usually it's
"this is horrible, how can anyone use this and ... so on." It's not
horrible. It's just bugs that can easily be fixed. Don't worry about a
timetable, the sonar community has decided to give me more time to fix
the bugs so I don't have to release an image until the middle of july,
which is really nice.
Kendell Clark

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