[manjaro-dev] I'm still hear.

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 06:54:30 CEST 2016

hi all
I wanted to write this email to let everyone no that i haven't vanished
off the face of the earth. For the past week my grandfather, my mom's
dad was first in the hospital with a very bad pneumonia infection, now
in hospice with days left. So I haven't had a lot, if any, time to get
on the computer to work on sonar or answer messages. I have not quit
sonar nor am I planning to, I'm just dealing with a ton of stuff at the
moment and this is likely to be the case for a fewmore days, maybe
tapering off around friday if everything goes as the doctors expect. To
anyone who has written an email to this list and did not get any
response, I hope the other members of the community have stepped in to
help, but if they haven't I will when I have time to breathe and get
around to checking and responding to them. I'm going to send this to the
orca list, and the the manjaro list just to let everyone know. I have
not stopped my work with manjaro nor vinux nor anything else, I'm just
so swamped. I'm up at all hours and when I am hear it's usually only
long enough to eat osmething, sleep, or get dressed to leave again.
Tigger is not happy. Sorry for the delay. I'm on alter aeon when I can
be, but it's usually late at night so I don't know when people are on to
talk to. I'll connect to irc when I have enough time to talk t o peope,
I don't want to log on, immediately say I have to go then log off.
That's how little time I have left. There will be an alpha of gnome out
just as soon as I can get one built. This one likely won't have orca
talking when it boots, I've been trying tofix it but the most important
thing is that gnome is still accessible and usable, then I can work on
making sure everything works before the stable release.
Thanks for your patience and understanding
Kendell Clark

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