[manjaro-dev] 32 bit espeak update needed

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Sun Apr 24 10:41:44 CEST 2016

Hi Kendell,

yes, you can automate almost all with it. You can even create batch-sets
or packages-sets which will be created automatically one by one. Take a
look at the help:

[phil at manjaro core]$ buildpkg -h
Usage: buildpkg [options]
    -p <pkg>           Buildset or pkg [default: default]
    -a <arch>          Arch [default: x86_64]
    -b <branch>        Branch [default: unstable]
    -r <dir>           Chroots directory
                       [default: /var/lib/manjaro-tools/buildpkg]
    -i <pkg>           Install a package into the working copy of the
    -c                 Recreate chroot
    -w                 Clean up cache and sources
    -n                 Install and run namcap check
    -s                 Sign packages
    -u                 Udev base-devel group (no systemd)
    -q                 Query settings and pretend build
    -h                 This help

So your cmd would be then:

buildpkg -p espeak -a i686 -s

kind regards

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