[manjaro-dev] Fwd: OSDN Proposal for Manjaro Linux

Philip Müller philm at manjaro.org
Fri Apr 15 08:03:38 CEST 2016

What do you guys think?

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Betreff: OSDN Proposal for Manjaro Linux
Datum: Fri, 15 Apr 2016 12:11:37 +0900
Von: Shuji Sado <sado at osdn.jp>
Organisation: OSDN
An: Philip Müller <philm at manjaro.org>, support at manjaro.org, Roland
Singer <roland.singer at desertbit.com>

Manjaro Linux admin,

 $ wget

First,action first before thinking too deeply, I would like you to try
running the command above.
Try several times to see the download speed and the logic that's behind
how mirror is chosen.
Was it good enough to meet your standard?


 $ wget

Next, I would like you to try downloading the 0.8GB file which is released
by Clonezilla who just very recently joined osdn.
And after that, please give some time to think how different the
download speed and the logic for choosing mirror are from the case with
your release files.

Regarding Manjaro Linux's recent release files on SF.net, most of them
are not
placed in North America and Asia.  Also, SF.net is deprived of the
ability to
provide the logic to choose the optimum mirror for the users.

In January of this year, SF.net was sold to a dishonest SEO company, and
have lost so much of the engineering resources.
Also, since the website was sold, there are rampant SEO contents and
malware on SF.net.
Moreover, their mirror system is so disintegrated that it has reached a
where you can say it is broken-down.

As to the link, http://manjaro.github.io/download/, which you show your
for downloading, upon visiting, users in North America and Asia will have to
endure patiently for 8 to 24 hours of long time to download.
When we contacted you a few months ago, the situation wasn’t so terrible,
but I had expected the situation to get worse as it is now.
Would you be interested in moving Manjaro Linux's iso releases on SF.net
to OSDN?
We can help you with the moving of the contents from SF.net.

We just recently helped Clonezilla project move to OSDN.
All release files of 200GB have been moved, and currently OSDN is processing
download accesses for them from around the world.

Here I listed the strong points of our current OSDN in comparison with

- OSDN's mirror network is more powerful than SF.net, especially in
North America
 and Asia, we are way more powerful.
- OSDN's ad space is more subtle than SF.net. At the same time,
 we eliminate malicious ads everyday.
- We completely remove website Malware, and this is one of the things that
 make us different from SF.net.
- We completely remove proprietary and pirated software from our website,
 where as SF.net is rampant with those kinds of software.
- OSDN has a feature which enables entering project's Descriptions or
Release Notes in several languages.
- OSDN has a feature that enables to handle file release via API and
Command Line Tool.
- Unlike SF.net, OSDN builds network based on global public oss mirror
 It's not what we encourage, but we won't deny users from directly
 from public mirrors instead of OSDN website.

We began a structure that returns a part of the revenue made from
displaying ads
during downloads via web.  We call it DLShare, and it works by paying
USD$100 per 150,000DL to the project side.
It may not be a big sum of money, but it will serve as a steady means of
earning an income.

We can't tolerate to see great OSS projects get their reputations damaged by
using SourceForge.  There's nothing about us that is lesser than them,
there are some uniqueness in us that you won't see in them.
Would you be interested in moving forward with us toward a good direction?

Shuji Sado
President & CEO, OSDN K.K.
sado at osdn.jp
sado at opensource.jp

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