[manjaro-dev] a couple of pressing accessibility issues that need looking into

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 05:40:57 CEST 2016

hi all
Gnome 3.20 was just released about two weeks ago and while I'm waiting
for it to hit the manjaro repos, I need to work on some pressing
accessibility issues that are preventing new sonar releases until
they're fixed. The most serious of these is the installer. I'm not sure
exactly what's happened, but thus seems to freeze immediately after the
"keyboard layout" screen, causing the desktop to open it's "application
not responding" window. A minor issue with thus is that it no longer
seems to autodetect the timezone based on IP address. I've had just
about enough of trying to fix the bugs in this thing, and want to switch
to calamares. But we seem to be stalled. When calamares is launched with
root privileges, It's inaccessible. Completely. But when thus is
launched, it's accessible, although less so than it used to be. The
second and less critical issue is brltty. Bernhard and I have been
trying to configure brltty such that when it starts, it will speak in
the text console, as well as being usable with a refreshable braille
display. This obviously isn't the list for this, there's a brltty list
for things like this. But we've hit a snag. Bernhard and I have
configured brltty correctly as far as the developers can tell, but it's
not starting. Bernhard can tell you more than I can, but essentially the
brltty service is starting, and then being killed. There are apparently
kernel messages which bernhard is concerned about. I think there's still
plenty of time until the next sonar release, possibly a few weeks, but
I'm emailing the list now so that we can get these important bugs fixed
before I have to scramble and then hear complaints from my users. If
there's something to find, they'll find it and complain about it.
Kendell Clark

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