[manjaro-dev] confusion over gconf settings

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 20:18:59 CET 2016

hi all
I've just gotten the new sonar mate settings desktop package. I'm
completely stumped though. When I boot our sonar live image, the
keyboard shortcuts are set to what they're supposed to do, but they
don't seem to work. I've set the sound theme to our sonar sound theme,
but when I go into the sound settings to check, it still defaults to no
sounds. When I press alt+control+t to launch a terminal, even though I
set the default terminal app to be gnome terminal, I get an error
because mate thinks I have mate terminal set. Would someone mind taking
a look at our gschema override? I'm not at all sure what to do to fix
this. I'd like to have our sonar background be the background, and it
seems to be set properly, but when I boot the mate image it's not, it's
some other background. I need help.
Kendell Clark

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