[manjaro-dev] zfs support?

Simon Eigeldinger simon.eigeldinger at vol.at
Sat Feb 27 11:59:11 CET 2016

Hi Philip and Kendell,

Am 27.02.2016 um 08:27 schrieb Philip Müller:
> Am 27.02.2016 um 01:25 schrieb kendell clark:
>> hi
>> This makes my brain ache. This is flatly the most ridiculous thing I
>> have ever read. I'm going to get a ton of flack over this, especially
>> from windows users moving to sonar assuming any do, but what the hell.
>> I'll turn zfs support off. But I'm not happy.
> It is an ongoing issue. There are law issues even with vmware and other
> things. However the company Oracle used a license not fully compatible
> with GPLv2. As of now the heat is really on that matter. Antergos
> enabled zfs support and they are in the news. We can see what will
> happen there.

What about btrfs?
i played with paldo (paldo.org) a while and i guess they are using btrfs.
they have a very fast boot process even on my 10 year old intel pentium 
mobile 2 ghz single core laptop with 1 gb of ram running gnome 3.18.

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