[manjaro-dev] mhwd -> opencl, vdpau, vaapi?

Sandra Karuving lumks at ymail.com
Tue Feb 23 03:20:14 CET 2016

mhwd is a great tool do install the right graphicsdriver. i really really love 
this tool.

one thing that i miss is that it installs to full set of things supported by 
our graphicscard. this is in fact opencl, vdpau and vaapi for the most free 
drivers and and parts of them for the binary ones

right now i always have to install them by my own to get hardwaredecoding for 
my videos.

so i just wanna ask -> is there a reason why mhwd dont installs that stuff by 
default? will it be supported with a future release? 

thank you :)

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