[manjaro-dev] re-added gparted to extra

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 11:40:05 CET 2016

hi all
I recently saw that gparted was removed from the extra repository. I 
have reverted the commit and readded it, for the following reasons. The 
remaining gui partition manager, partitionmanager, remains inaccessible 
to orca users because it is written in qt and thus has lots of unlabeled 
controls, so we need an alternative. I have gparted on the sonar live 
images in case any partition management or rescue is needed. I hope I 
didn't misstep, but I feel this is justified because we are still stuck 
on thus until calamares is accessible enough to use, and I believe thus 
uses gparted to do it's partitioning.
Kendell clark

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