[manjaro-dev] keyboard shortcuts for mate sonar missing

kendell clark coffeekingms at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 08:40:49 CET 2016

hi all
I'm about to release new sonar gnome and mate images, since I've finally 
gotten all the errors sorted out. One last issue remains though. The 
keyboard shortcuts we define aren't working in mate, since we changed 
over to the schema overrides instead of the dconf binary. The keyboard 
shortcuts are the same as in gnome, with the addition of a custom 
keyboard shortcut to open up mate's system monitor, bound to windows+s. 
I hate to ask this, but would someone mind writing in those shortcuts to 
the schema file? The shortcuts are, volume down, up and mute, 
control+windows+down, up and m respectively, toggle play/pause, 
control+windows+p, toggle screen reader, alt+windows+s, toggle 
magnifier, alt+windows+m, zoom in, alt+windows++ (plus), zoom out, 
alt+windows+- (minus) toggle on screen keyboard, alt+windows+k. I'm not 
certain if the magnifier and on screen keyboard shortcuts are hooked up 
to anything, I rather doubt it, so it's safe to leave them off if you 
want. I really appreciate the help. Normally I wouldn't be in such a 
hurry but I know if I leave these shortcuts off someone will notice and 
Kendell clark

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