[manjaro-dev] Android like Factory Reset (Idea)

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Fri Feb 12 17:26:42 CET 2016

I get it. Out of curiosity I want to add something though.

So, my phone came preinstalled with 4.4.2. kitkat,
since than it got a couple of small updates, still on kitkat but the build number changed.

Then, I did a factory reset, but the build number didn't go back. So, what I think is
It might have a way to keep the installation medium on the local disk updated
with the system as well.  Would it be incorrect to think that way?

12.02.2016, 14:46, "Jonathon Fernyhough" <jonathon at manjaro.org>:
> On 12/02/16 11:00, .. wrote:
>>  Hello,
>>  After some updates, I guess, some things broke. I thought of reinstalling the OS but I had giving away my USB stick to a family member, so I didn't (yet). Of course, I could always borrow or buy another one. However, I though of that android and windows 10 type factory reset option. I think it would be a nice option to have It in Manjaro. Do you guys think it would be interesting/a relatively easy feature to implement, from a programmers perspective?
>>  Best,
>>  Paadiş
> There are two 'reset' functions in Windows 10. One wipes it back to
> factory, one keeps user files. The Android option is a full wipe.
> Essentially, these perform a fresh installation from an local disk
> image. Now, while we could conceivably add this to Manjaro it would
> involve keeping a large file on disk (1-2GB copy of the installation
> image) and it would quickly get out-of-date. It could only be
> realistically updated on a fresh installation, which probably isn't
> useful to anyone.
> You can achive the same effect already - but yes, you will need an
> installation medium. A full 'reset' would be where you wipe the disks
> and reinstall. Keeping user files would be where you wipe the root
> partition but keep your /home partition intact.
> Really the only reason these functions exist in Android and Windows 10
> is for the devices where you don't have an easy option to install afresh
> (phones and tablets) and where you aren't provided an installer DVD
> (which is common practice with new Windows devices).
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